Wesley Dean Encourages Us to Find Our Inner "Magik" (premiere)

Wesley Dean’s “Magik” is just the summertime pick-me-up that’s been prescribed. In uncertain times, the buoyant sway of the feel-good, love-heavy track certainly feels magical. It’s a call for self-love and discovery from the Australian singer-songwriter, carried by uplifting, poppy hooks while Dean’s vocal performance recalls the roots rock of Tom Petty. This musical menagerie is the perfect vehicle for Dean to operate, selling his message of empowerment and compassion with confidence and pride.

“Magik” officially releases on 26 June. In a recent Facebook post, Dean recalls, “Magik is a celebration of the human spirit, that chemical reaction that dances between us all when we interact with each other. The odds of being human is something like four trillion to one, that’s Magik. Life is learning to listen to your soul. It’s there you will find your own Magik amongst the deafening crowd. In this world of unprecedented change, it’s time to believe in our own uniqueness, our own #Magik, whatever that is for you.”