Virtual Self Tweets Out Cryptic, Interactive Website Teasing New Music

Porter Robinson’s passion project, Virtual Self, is an enigmatic alter ego with a lore all its own. There is so much that goes into the Virtual Self moniker that many fans think Porter might be leading up to the release a full video game. Even if that is not the case, Porter is not holding back with sculpting mysterious aspects Virtual Self. Today he seems to have added a new dimension to the project.

Cryptic Tweets

Just hours ago Virtual Self tweeted out a bizarre new website. The site’s URL is, so obviously, the site has something to with Technic Angel, one the main characters in the Virtual Self universe.

The site is as cryptic as one might expect from Porter, but it is interactive to a degree. Running your mouse through the static background produces trailed color effects. A signal appears to be struggling to get through.

So what does this mean? Well, new music is on the way. On Youtube, the Technic Angel channel has uploaded an equally as mysterious new video further teasing new music. Coming f announcing a massive tour, and not releasing anything new for close to 9 months, it seems that we may get some new tunes in the near future. Check out the site and teaser video the new music below.