Trump import tariffs on Chinese goods will heavily impact Moog

The US tariff on Chinese circuit boards and associated products could mean the iconic synthesizer manufacturer may have to move their production overseas and lay f staff.

Moog has run operations in the US for over sixty years and employs around 100 people.Half the components they use to make the boards come from China, and the 25% import tax will make manufacturing Moog synthesizers considerably more expensive. At present, Moog tries to source boards for their products in the US, which is increasing the price their production already.

Moog has launched , with their ficial statement asking to “support Moog] by imploring our elected ficials to recognize that these tariffs are seriously harmful to American businesses like Moog”. The campaign has provided a template letter for fans the celebrated equipment to use in their support.

The tariffs, implemented by the Trump government, have been put in place to reduce their multi-billion dollar trade deficit with China.