Track Premiere: Famish – “I Heard Everything About My Hell”

Track Premiere: Famish – “I Heard Everything About My Hell”

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Famish’s upcoming record Angel’s Egg is a wild blend of psychedelic and trippy emo, hardcore, and folk with dissonant, unnerving transitions and noises mixed in among moments of bubblegum pop. The record is coming quickly, with a release later this month on Lonely Ghost Records.

Dom Kozacek, who heads the rotating group of musicians, describes the record, saying “thematically, the album is purposefully meaningless with vague ramblings and an eerie underlying tone. Our first release explored the concept of ‘death of the author’, so this time around we were looking to explore something less meaningful like that of the art movement ‘Dada’. Although the album consists of vague themes, the topics are not completely illogical. We hope the listener can bring about their own personal meaning when diving into Angel’s Egg.”

The lead single “I Heard Everything About My Hell” is the track that fits most snugly into the emo category of those on the album, but it still contains the psychedelic elements that sprinkle the rest of the album, with reverb-soaked guitars floating in the background creating a heady vibe that looms over the more jangly emo patterns. The catchy chorus of “Is there nothing I can say to you? / Are you okay? / Are you still there? / Is there anything I can do?” contrasts well with the bouncier verses, all of it backed up by one guitar carrying a riff that cuts through haze from time to time to throw the band into a new section. It’s a whole lot of fun and the type of track that reveals more with each listen.

Look for Angel’s Egg out later this month on Lonely Ghost Records.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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