This Is What Happens When You Get Too Close to Jay-Z at a Lakers Game

Jay-Z might have been the biggest star on the Staples Center court Sunday night (March 8) for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Clippers game, but he didn’t appreciate all the attention.

Hov brought his daughter Blue Ivy Carter to the courtside action, as Lakers and Clippers players took breaks from warming up to shake hands with the pair. Even fellow rapper 2 Chainz dropped by to say what’s up. Blue Ivy managed to ask LeBron James for a signed basketball after her father refused to do it for her, and James promised the gift would be waiting for her after she gets out of school Monday (March 9).

But of all the bustling interactions, Jay-Z didn’t appreciate one of the game’s attendees, businessman Irv Bauman, trying to rub shoulders with him. Bauman, who also interacted closely with Lakers power forward/center Dwight Howard on Sunday night, put his arm around Jigga’s shoulder for a pic, but the 50-year-old rapper quickly took a note from his “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” song from 2003’s The Black Album by brushing his shoulders off.

The viral moment of Jay-Z flinching from the unwanted touch has turned into a meme, including DJ Akademiks’ take on “ducking the coronavirus.”

Check out the video as well as some of the best memes below.