There Is A Mysterious Website Related To Rezz's New Album: Help Us Crack The Code

The internet loves a good mystery. Whether it be legends from the Dark Web to the mysterious Cicada 3301. Now it seems that a collaborator from Rezz’s new album has created a new mystery, and it has us scratching our heads. The track called ‘Life & Death’ is a collaboration between Rezz and Deathpact. Deathpact is a widely unknown artist and their social media channels are bare bones. The only interaction tweet-wise are a series key emojis to those who have interacted with the account.

An ficial website and phone number are listed on the Twitter account. When the site is visited, a series commands are present as well as a handful Twitter priles. All the Twitter priles are fans who regularly tweet about Rezz in some capacity. When we called the number…it rang twice before being sent to voicemail. Seeing as we called at nearly 1 am CDT from a Texas number this could have just been denied for obvious reasons. A or started to interact with the account and found some even more mysterious aspects.

When you visit the command prompt page the Death Pact URL, there is the ability to write out prompts, but none can be submitted. So what exactly does this all mean? Well, to be honest, we have no idea. We need your help. If you are interested in diving down this rabbit hole, visit the Deathpact website here, and the command prompt page here.