The Golden Pony Discuss 1st elrow Appearance Before This Weekends elrow Madness In Brooklyn

elrow is making its way back to New York City this weekend, specifically to Brooklyn to take over the Brooklyn Mirage and turn it into a roman themed party. A 10-hour party starting at dinner time and ending at sunrise, elrow is bringing 10 hours b2b sets NYC for one the biggest parties the summer.

We got the chance to speak with one the artists who will be spinning this weekend at elrow, The Golden Pony, a Brooklyn duo known for hosting Bangon! events all around NYC. This is their 1st elrow appearance, and it being in Brooklyn makes it that much more special. Check out the interview below as well as a link to more elrow fun and tickets to Saturdays Rowlympics!

The Golden Pony Discuss 1st elrow Appearance Before This Weekends elrow Madness In Brooklyn

The Golden Pony Interview

1. This is your 1st elrow event, how special is it, especially having it be in Brooklyn?

We’ve being watching videos the madness that goes on at Elrow for years now, and lways wanted to play one as their bouncy tech house sound is what we love to spin. Having it in Brooklyn is the cherry on the cake as we can bring all our closest friends to come and dance in the confetti shower with us!

2. Your latest releases are much more pop and radio friendly compared to the typical elrow sound. How do you guys prepare for a set like this? Do you play the crowd or do you just go in trying to bring the grooviest energy you possibly can?

We love writing vocal based music, but when it comes to Djing, its the beat and groove thats the winner!. Our remix’s are much more indicative the Elrow sound, and meant for the dance floor. Were always searching out fresh new cuts to massage peoples ears with.

3. Being residents for BangOn! NYC which holds a similar type party with the over the top costumes and life size installations, do you think that helps knowing the type vibe and sound that NYC residents like?

Yes for sure. When your playing at an event with crazy production and vibes, its a whole different kind DJ set, its all about reading the crowd and feeding f their excitement and madness. We are used to moments when the performers and art combines with the the crescendo song to create the ultimate sonic-art-orgasim for the attendees. We have a number “Secret Weapon” tracks ready for moments like this!

4. Will you be playing any new remixes or music in the set this weekend?

Of course, always! Im actually messing around with a a beat and a sample White Rabbit by Jefferson airplane im going to try to work in along with others!