Stoney Roads are looking for a full time editor!

Stoney Roads is Australia’s leading electronic music community, connecting music lovers with music makers through engaging content all forms.

A rare opportunity has popped up! Stoney Roads is looking for a lead editor to manage the day to day content on-site as well as nurture and work with a team dedicated contributors. The tone is fun, interesting, educational, humorous and ten colloquial. 

What’s a normal day like in the fice?

– Search out and write/edit daily news and features (6-8 posts a day)
– Liaise with publicists, labels and artists direct to promote great local and international music!
– Manage and post to all social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
– Manage and direct contributors and edit any/all content
– Find and create exclusive stories and angles that will grab unique readers
– Constantly execute best practices in grammar, messaging, tone and style to ensure awesome and engaging content
– Prioritise and manage paid editorial campaigns
– Small photoshop/video tasks 

– Represent Stoney at all levels in front audience, clients and industry

Here’s what you’ll look like!

– A fan Stoney Roads
– Based in Sydney (or willing to make the move)
– Content writing experience (either within Australia or internationally) 

– Digital copywriting and editing skills
– Strong social media knowledge and skills across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– Experience using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to track content performance
– Diploma or Degree in Communications, Journalism or similar field preferred
– Preferably able to tap into a list music contacts in order to create unique and engaging content

– Basic understanding graphic design/photoshop and video editing/iMovie/Adobe
– An entrepreneurial spirit (might have some other projects on the fly)!
– Be able to take a lead and work autonomously

Does this sound like you (or close enough)? Email information(at) with a resumé and the answers to the below questions;

  1. What are 5 your favourite dance/electronic artists?
  2. What are 3 your favourite dance/electronic mixes?
  3. What Australian and international sites are creating great content? 
  4. What are some your favourite TV/Netflix shows? 
  5. What do you get up to in your spare time?

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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