Sharp decline in Ibiza tourism this summer forces hotels to slash prices

Ibiza hotels have begun to fer major discounts as many businesses attempt to make up for the recent lack demand from British, German and other foreign tourists during this year’s high season.

An article in the local Ibiza publication reports that the island’s poor hotel room sales in April, May and June are resulting in 30 and 40 per cent discounts for the remainder the season. Due to this huge decline in bookings, many hotels are beginning to consider opening their doors for five months out the year rather than the usual seven in 2019.

Speculation as to why hotel sales have declined on the White Isle can be attributed to the island’s , and at Ibiza’s most popular dancing destinations and .

Earlier this year, The City Ibiza Council voted to throughout the district the White Isle it governs – making it much tougher to get on Airbnb and other tourist rental platforms.

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