Scary Jeri Shines Bright with her Latest EP “The Road”

The multi-talented artist who has mastered playing guitar, bass, piano, and of course songwriting, is back with a chart-topping EP called “The Road.”

Before setting her feet in the music industry, Scary Jeri took part in several productions, mainly hip-hop and rap songs, including “K.y.s.” and “Run (Out Of Love),” “Freedom Of Fear,” and “Girl In The Mirror,” among several others.

The mastermind behind “The Road” takes songwriting seriously, as all her tracks aim at helping people and raising awareness about critical topics, including mental health, addiction, and social inequalities. 

A week ago, Scary Jeri dropped the official music video of the lead single from the EP “The Road.” Make sure to watch it below, as the video has outstanding cinematography filled with rich shots and scenes.