Sabrina Sekuloski ’s “Mosaic”: A Journey From Brokenness To Resilience

Sabrina Sekuloski ’s “Mosaic”: A Journey From Brokenness

Indie Pop artist Sabrina Sekuloski ’s latest track, “Mosaic,”  is a heartfelt exploration of the human experience of feeling broken and the subsequent process of rebuilding oneself. In this new single, the singer-songwriter delves deep into the theme of rediscovering oneself amidst adversity and feeling mistreated. The release is a reflection of the universal human experience of being broken, a feeling that resonates with people from all walks of life. 

Sabrina drew inspiration from the challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, where she observed a sense of brokenness prevalent not just in her life but all around the world. The result is a song that beautifully encapsulates the idea of creating something extraordinary out of tragic circumstances, much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken pottery is mended with gold, emphasizing its history and unique beauty.

In the lyrics, Sabrina Sekuloski describes her life-changing path, singing: “Do you see me through the cracks?/ After all the uncalled for attacks/ I’ve been finding my way back/ Did I deserve all the flak?/ These matters left me in tatters/ I’m a mosaic of shatters/ I don’t recognise me/ I’m not what I used to be/ It hurts that you don’t even care/ but I’m not broken beyond repair.”

Sekuloski’s “Mosaic” represents a transformation from vulnerability to inner strength in the artist’s musical journey. She believes that true power lies in embracing her insecurities and doubts rather than suppressing it. Music serves as her sanctuary for being unapologetically authentic and genuine.

Her influences, including artists like Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat, and Taylor Swift, have shaped Sekuloski’s sound and style. From their authenticity, positivity, storytelling, and emotiveness, Sabrina has drawn inspiration to craft her own unique narrative. As she continues to evolve artistically, “Mosaic” marks a significant shift in her sound towards indie pop. Her aim is to keep exploring and pushing the boundaries of her musical expression, resonating with her fans across genres.

Listen to “Mosaic” below: