Ryan Reynolds is helming a Home Alone spinoff about stoners fighting off burglars

Actor Ryan Reynolds has announced he is involved in a new Home Alone spinf film titled Stoned Alone, which focuses on a stoner fighting f burglars.

Teaming up with director Augustine Frizzell and writers Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, Reynolds is attached to the project that takes a new approach to the theme a kid battling intruders.

According to , the film’s plot is centered around “a twenty-something pot smoker misses the flight for his holiday ski trip and, instead trying to catch the next flight or figure out something, decides to just stay home and get high. As paranoia sets in, he thinks he hears an intruder, but he doesn’t initially realise that he’s actually right. Stoned to the gills, he’ll have defend his home and himself…”

There is no release date and the cast the film has yet to be announced, but Reynolds has signed on to produce the film with his Maximum Effort company teaming up with 20th Century Fox.

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