Rob Swire Confirms New Knife Party EP And Provides Information On 10 IDs In New AMA

Rob Swire jumped on /r/electronicmusic this past week for a little AMA action, and fans got a bit more than they bargained for when responsible for both Pendulum and Knife Party shared a ton information.

Mainly the largest take away from the AMA was that by the end 2018 a new Knife Party EP will drop. This comes after the highly anticipated release Pendulum’s remix album earlier this year.

In between confirming new music, Rob took the time to answer fan’s production questions as well as share some wild stories from tours. Turns out Rob Swire has seen some seriously crazy stuff during his time with both Pendulum and Knife Party.

Check out some high lights from the AMA below.

New knife Part EP

Knife Party ID Information

Craziest Tour Story