Riot for Romance’s “The World And Its Weight” Speaks To The Challenges Of Relationships

American post-punk and alt-rock trio, Riot for Romance, has been earning widespread acclaim for their recent releases, including their fresh take on Radiohead’s “Karma Police.” Following the self-titled EP, which includes standout tracks like “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret,” the band has been receiving significant recognition from a diverse fan base.

In a recent interview, Riot for Romance talked about “The World And Its Weight” and how it touches on the stress that the pandemic had put on relationships. “This was and is an ordeal that most people can relate to whether you are single or not, as the shelter-at-home orders challenged and stressed relationships of all kinds. Acknowledging that in my own life gave me an opportunity to express the difficulty,” shares Hansen, the frontman of the band.

The song is about the challenges of maintaining relationships and realizing that all sorts of difficulties can be overcome as long as they are viewed as avenues for growth and progress. “It was my way of saying to my wife, ‘hey babe, the weight of the world is heavy right now, but no matter how hard it is there is no one else I’d rather do this with. Let’s use the pressure that life is dishing out to make us like diamonds,’” explains the lead singer.

Riot for Romance strives for their listeners to identify with the challenges posed in their tracks and emerge from them feeling strengthened and empowered. Hansen, Brett Miotti (bass), and Kelly Nunn (drums/guitars) make up the trio that has garnered success on radio and streaming charts with exceptional singles such as “Less For Regret,” “The World And Its Weight,” and “Karma Police.”

Check out Riot for Romance’s music below: