RHEA – In The Night

Rising British singer/songwriter RHEA returns with a dark and trapped out new indie pop single that has got a major bounce to it. “In The Night” is the first piece music I’ve hard by the up and comer but I dug it so much I ran through her whole catalog on Soundcloud and became a dedicated new fan. The South Londoner gets emotional and vulnerable on this one, and it’s beautiful. Her voice is seductive as hell, and the production helps get this track to the next level. Check out a quote by RHEA below, and under that stream their new single “In The Night” – enjoy.

Speaking about In The Night RHEA says “This release is about when our deepest and darkest fears take a hold and swallow you up like the night itself – It’s about passion, love, being far away from someone, and that yearning to be close, it’s about being lost in the depths our mind that seem so heightened and intensified “In The Night” – RHEA