Rezz Claps Back On Haters For Being Critical Of Her Fans

Rezz has really come into her own over the last year. While she made a massive statement with her music in the past, Rezz has started to become one the most fiercely confident and loyal artists in the game. Many fans are familiar with her following, the colloquially named “cult Rezz”, and as any good artist does, Rezz makes sure her fans are taken care thoroughly.

So, when a fan came out swinging today questioning her fans knowledge in a petty way, Rezz put on her Space Mom hat and clapped back by dropping a clear explanation for why this hater drew some unreasonable conclusions. In short, the user in question basically said Rezz doesn’t deserve as much credit as she receives for her masterful productions because other artists helped pioneer the dark, industrial sound before her.

While there are quite a lot reasons this is a moot point, Rezz reminded the world the one major thing that makes music incredibly special – it is an everlasting process creative expression. Not a game to see who does what first. Check out the interactions below.