REZZ and 1788-L Release New Track

Up and coming artist 1788-L and beloved artist REZZ released their new joint track today, H E X.

This collaboration really allows listeners to know who worked on what, making it the perfect collaboration, says some ors. While REZZ’s style is clearly evident, 1788-L’s style comes through just as well, highlighting both artists talents and sounds.

In addition to this track, 1788-L has slowly been making their mark on the EDM scene with new songs being released all year and collabs with artists like Illemium, Kerli, and course REZZ.

H E X starts with REZZ’s signature spooky and eerie melody then quickly introduces 1788-L’s more abrasive and harder sound. REZZ introduced this song during her set at EDC Las Vegas, making it a much anticipated song.

Listen to the track here:

What do you think this collaboration between REZZ and 1788-L?