Radar Radio goes off air following sexual harassment accusations

Radar Radio has suspended broadcast until further notice following sexual harassment accusations leading to a mass exodus staff, including Australia’s own Strict Face.

The popular London station has been at the centre up-and-coming music in the UK for years, however toxic masculinity has been an unspoken, underlying factor in the environment for some time now and has finally been aired.

Former Radar Radio producer Ashtart Al-Hurra published a on Friday titled ‘I’m a Woman Color Who Was Mistreated at Radar Radio‘. In the post, she details the mistreatment herself and staff at the station and touches on the statement made by DJ collective Pxssy Palace who have also with Radar.

She says “I was a fan ( Radar Radio) not only because I’m a huge music nerd, but because I’m an angry brown woman who grew up in the ends. I heard voices like mine on there, chatting shit about colonialism and calling people out for their bullshit. How was it that down the line, it turns out the place is owned by a rich white dude (Ollie Ashley) whose dad (Mike Ashley, owner Sports Direct) exploits people like me and my family every day on a huge scale? Mad.”

“At times when harassment took place at the station itself, I notified whoever was in charge. For some reason, nothing ever really seemed to come this. Most the time, though, I was victimized while out at events, but by Radar DJs. To me, this was an industry issue, not just a Radar issue, so I took to Facebook to complain.”

Radar Radio today responded to the accusations in the way a brief post on Facebook. See their post below:

Personally, we are disgusted by this news, and fully support all staff at Radar Radio who have been mistreated. This is simply not right, and action needs to be taken. We will update this story as it unfolds, but for now, Radar Radio is silence.

See some Tweets on the matter below from radio hosts, artists and listeners alike.