R.I.P Keyboard Cat, the real reason we all love synths

One the Internet’s favourite felines, Bento – The Keyboard Cat – has passed away, so feel free to leave work and call f the rest the week like me.

Bento’s owner/best mate Charlie Schmidt made the news public over the weekend, explaining that the world renowned celebrity pianist passed on March 8th.

Bento – the prodigy the original keyboard cat, – had a long and successful online career, and his skills on the keys even saw him feature on Steven Colbert’s late show in ’09.

Thankfully, we are spoilt for choice in terms Bento content on the internet, so he will forever be in our hearts and minds and YouTube suggestions, from time to time. Watch the heartwarming, tear-jerking tribute video to Bento below. Sorry to ruin your week on a Monday…