"Protecting Your Home From Thieves" Dave Rowe Funny News Video Gets Turnt Up by Cazztek

If you have not yet seen this video that in my opinion is up their with “Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife”. Viral videos are everywhere in today’s society and a majority the time we start out by hating them until they grow on us at a pace that is utterly uncontrollable. If you have not heard Dave Rowe’s story about “being robbed”, do yourself a favor at peep. Dave Rowe’s story telling in up there with Dr. Seuss, for real absolute legend.

Following up on that, we recieved a Tweet mention from EDM Lvl 99 Bass Ninja, Cazztek. One that just could not go unnoticed. One that had me laughing at the same level everytime I see Walmart Yodel Kid pop up somewhere. If you remember “Hide yo Kid, Hide yo wife”, you’ll remember the amount parody’s that were made it. Dave Rowe, you live up to my expectations in humor (not that that means anything), and Cazztek, well, Cazztek, Thank You. This is mad funny.