Premiere: PAX Japonica Groove Cut Through The Noise With New Smashing Single “Breakthrough The Sky” And Announce The Release Of Upcoming Album Wired Future


Pax Japonica Groove cut through the noise with a new smashing single entitled “Breakthrough The Sky”. After “Wobble Tokyo” and “Feel Me,” Shuhei Kurosaka’s project is taking over the airwaves yet another time, proving their limitless talent and taste when it comes to delivering some of the trendiest electronic soundscapes you will find in the scene. This near four minute song is a dynamic all-instrumental dream in motion that will bring some intense heat on the world’s dancefloors. 

Known for their acute understanding of electronic music and it’s countless sub-genres, Pax Japonica Groove, which means Peace From Japan, have been building a rock-solid foundation to continue their impressive musical journey in Japan and all around the world. 

Conformity and convention are surely foreign concepts to them, and each of their releases hold a futuristic and visionary element that instantly sets them apart from most producers, DJ’s, and composers of Electronic Dance Music.

 Simultaneously to the release of “Breakthrough The Sky,” Pax Japonica Groove have announced the release on April 8 of their upcoming and much anticipated album entitled Wired Future.

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