“Pop music is terrible”: Moby takes aim at modern pop artists

Moby has always been new to express his feelings online. Love it or hate it, he has no fear expressing himself on his platforms, and he’s done it once again today.

The 52-year-old artist has taken aim at pop music, sharing a pretty straight up image portraying a sentence that reads “pop music is terrible”. Pretty harsh, right? Well he added a little more detail as to what he means in the caption. Read it in full below.

“I mean, who should listen to a middle aged guy complain about the state pop music, right? But, with that caveat, let me state that from my perspective pop music is heart breakingly terrible. Every now and then a slice fascinating genius, like Love from Kendrick Lamar, slips through, but for the most part pop music is shallow and trite and unredeemable. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional throw away pop song, but when 99.9% pop music is utterly cheap and disposable it’s time to go and listen to public enemy or John Lennon or Led Zeppelin or nirvana or any the countless artists who had integrity and actually wanted to change the world and not just make $20 from a streaming service while the apocalypse waits at the door. Please, pop musicians and producers, I say this on behalf humanity, please use your talent and fame to make something that’s actually worth listening to and that will make the world a better place to live. Maybe go listen to ‘imagine’ or ‘fight the power’ for inspiration.”

What do you think Moby’s views on modern pop? Is he right or just out touch?