Nightro's new single "Universe" gets remixed by Pvper Plvnes [Sovereign Records] | Your EDM

Nightro have been making a name for themselves with their future bass and trap inspired pop releases. Their latest and greatest single titled “Universe” was just remixed by Los Angeles based producer Pvper Plvnes and it took me to another dimension! The drops keep you on the tip of your toes and it resembles the style of massive artist Marshmello. Sovereign Records in Miami are behind the single release and remain working closely with this talented remixer. “Universe” will surely get you in the mood to dance and possibly talk about the deeper meaning of life.

The remix is a fresh take on the original, adding a lot more bass to the mix and an unforgettable drop melody. Monika Santucci has a mesmerizing voice that grasps your attention and I can’t wait to hear her on future projects! Play this track at any party and you should witness an exciting response. Its unique configuration makes it a winner in my eyes. 2019 is the year for artists like Nightro and Pvper Plvnes to make their mark on the world. With memorable songs like this they will continue to do so.

For more tracks by Nightro, follow them on Spotify and stream ‘Universe’ on your preferred platform here!