Nightenjin Goes Full Throttle with Inaugural 'Pit Crew V1 Compilation' [LISTEN] | Your EDM

Nightenjin‘s inaugural Pit Crew V1 Compilation just released, marking a new era of music curation for the imprint.

From start to finish line, this remarkably diverse collection goes full throttle, offering six brand new selects built for the night. With three tracks on the bass side and three on the house side, there’s something for everyone to get down to.

The bass side, comprised of tracks from Lizzy Jane, Flozone, and Indvstry, packs in the compilation’s most intense soundscapes. Between Lizzy’s glitchy, trap-infused hybrid, Flozone’s massive, buzzing growls, and Indvstry’s hyper rhythm, there’s more than enough bass to go around.

KillWill, Galo, and Bush League change up the pace drastically with some four on the floor action. As the compilation shifts gears to late night, underground club vibes, we hear the bumping basslines of KillWill, deep, nostalgic energy from Galo and some real, designer tech house from Bush League.

And we’re off! Listen here and link up below!

Nightenjin Pit Crew V1 Compilation

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