New Knife Party x Pegboard Nerds Collab Confirmed To Be Released On Monstercat

Pegboard Nerds and Knife Party have had a collaboration in the works for quite some time now. The artists have been teasing it through cryptic announcements and artwork here and there. Things hit a new fever pitch when Pegboard Nerds leaked and subsequently played out Skrillex’s remix Pendulum’s ‘The Island’ at EDC Las Vegas this May.

Now we have a new twist to this incredibly anticipated collaboration – it will be released f Monstercat.

Pegboard Nerds x Knife Party Will Drop On Monstercat

Mike Darlington, CEO Monstercat dropped a tweet that may appear cryptic at first, but in all actuality is clear as can be. Fans were quick to decipher what the emojis meant. Pegboard Nerds helped this along by interacting with the tweet as well.

As far as time frames for the release, we still do not have much information. But seeing that Monstercat has ficially confirmed the track with be there’s, we have to imagine that it will see the light day before the end the month. Check back for updates and see the announcement below.