Moses Sumney catches your attention with powerful new short film

If you haven’t caught onto Moses Sumney and his colossal rise to the spotlight with his debut album ‘Aromanticism’, you need to be around this mans music and unmissable rise to fame. Releasing a video to match his songwriting ability, collaborator Allie Avital delivers with a twisted video that leaves you with many questions in mind.

Keeping it in the same theme as some you may have seen him at Laneway festival or at the Opera house, Moses walks around in a draped priest like outfit that paired with the lyrics “..Through the walls Jericho,” has you diving deep into the website Genius’ lyric meaning. Moses creates a bond with the horse that realizes he is using them to make sculptures with them and the payback that ensues. Following the misty lyrics the video it follows Moses portrayal a denial a problem in a relationship and the symbolism can be seen through the interactions with the animals.

The video comes with many produced by Allie Avital that brings the Moses Sumney project together all so well. Put together with his work ethic created to make his playlist animations to go with his videos on YouTube this man is a force to be reckoned with.

Decipher all you can and give this beautifully put together video a good watch or two.