Mohammed Paika Gives A Masterclass On The Language Of “Love”

Brilliant singer-songwriter Mohammed Paika speaks the language of love and he’s willing to teach his faithful fans! His recent single “Love”, inspired by his affection and loyalty to his dear lady wife is simply perfection. The single arrived with a music video, which has already garnered over 2,1 million views! “It feels wonderful!! I’m quite happy that “Love” has received so much attention and positive reactions. “Love” is very close to my heart because the song was filmed in the city that my wife and I were married in and where we first started our life together,” Paika said, speaking about how it feels to have such success.

Mohammed Khisar Paika is an American singer-songwriter, composer, board-certified physician, and engineer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With more than 20 years of experience in the music industry, the all-around artist is also the founder and managing director of One Essence Productions, which is a label company that introduces Pop, R&B, Spiritual, and World music to the global audience.

Heartfelt, emotive, and soulful, Mohammed Paika’s art feels intimate and personal, as all good music should, which is why fans won’t stop raving about it! We’re thrilled to share “Love” with you down below!