Miss Blanks returns with raunchy new track ‘Good Good D’

After stamping dominance in the Aussie hip-hop scene with a combination hard-hitting lyricism and eclectic, dance-heavy production, Miss Blanks has more than proved herself to be a much needed musical force.

Back with a new one today Trench Records, the Brisbane based artist continues with her no-holes-barred attitude towards music that we were introduced to on her 2017 EP . Titled Good Good D, this track is a raunchy one – as one might expect from the title –  with another showcase Blanks’ lyrical finesse and taste for quirky, electronic production that comes paired with an equally as raunchy music video directed by herself and Jennifer Embleton.

Miss Blanks explains the track “is next level witch art kink, a combination assurance, power, and authority.”

“In the video, we worked with Brisbane’s ONLY kink warehouse space, experienced kink specialists, and spent the time to learn proper terms, safety protocols, and collaboratively navigated the kind narratives around how BDSM culture is perceived, which was very important to the team and myself. We managed to produce something in line with Miss Blanks, but without compromising on the accuracy BDSM culture.”

Watch the music video for Good Good D below, and let us know if it hits the spot for you.