Mike Cervello & GTA – Bad Gyal

Dutch DJ, largely known for his massive track “Smack,” has released a new EP. A rising star on the Barong Family label, Cervello’s been dubbed the imprint’s savior “.” Cervello’s an artist to watch out for, and his new Origins EP solidifies the need for listeners and lovers  the genre to pay attention.

On the new EP, Cervello’s joined by the unpredictable duo  for “Bad Gyal.” With both a poised and improvisational production penchant, GTA weaves together an amalgam house, electro house, trap, and hip-hop.  On “Bay Gyal” the two are in impeccable form, gliding through the searing, sinister commencement, injecting a dosage fervor, and attaining uptempo undulations that take house music back to its oscillating origins as a result.