Melbourne’s Luboku shares soothing, emotionally driven new track

Singer/songwriter Luis Kennett, better known as Lukoku has unleashed a serene new single, None Of You.

The Melbourne born artist masterfully intertwines his heartfelt vocals amidst an angelic instrumental foundation, all which coming together to create a truly mesmerising sonic experience for the listener and something that is as refreshing on the ears as it is warming to the soul. In other words, it hit us squarely in the feels.

“I wrote None Of You during a period when I was trying to connect with someone who was going through a difficult time in their life” explains Luboku. “It’s one the most personal tracks I’ve written – I found through that experience, sometimes that person you’re trying to connect with has to break away and focus on themselves to get better – ‘None Of You’ is about that loss and struggle to connect.”

Listen to the track below and admire the incredible artwork paired with it.