Melbourne’s Attila Mora serenades you on ‘Out My Life’

After building a sound online following with a series self-released slow jams, Attila Mora has returned for the fourth time with ‘Out My Life’, a sulky love ballad that seems to find a middle ground between the soulful vocal stylings Nick Murphy and the f kilter rhythms from the likes Warp pillars Autechre and Plaid. Serving as the third single from the Melbourne based producer and vocalist, It’s safe to say that Attila Mora’s music is on a path it’s own.

Beginning with a mellow concoction creamy chords and swelling vocals, the track builds up into a bed earthy bass and skittering percussion topped with a tortured vocal hook. Among the the instrumentation we hear a cacophony distorted bleeps, adding a certain alienating quality to an an otherwise familiar palette emotions. Approaching the end the track, we are met with a wave female vocal cuts that bring the track to it’s absolute climax, before fizzling out for the finale.

You can stream ‘Out My Life’ below.