Martin Garrix Says Court Decision Misinterpreted with Spinnin’ Records Appeal

Earlier this week, courts in Netherlands granted a successful appeal to Spinnin’ Records and MusicAllStars Management in their case with Martin Garrix from 2017. In the press release sent out from representatives of Eelko van Kooten, director of Spinnin Records at the time, and also director for MusicAllStars, the exact ramifications of the ruling were not made abundantly clear.

In a follow up email, representatives told Your EDM, “Because Garrix nullified the agreements in 2015, he had the rights on his track back again. Now the higher court decided that Garrix nullified incorrectly. Spinnin’ lost the rights and Garrix has to pay for damages which will be determined in the coming period.”

Today, Martin offered his first public response to the ruling since Tuesday, stating:

The full implications of the “correct translation” are, again, not abundantly clear. Our best guess is that Martin does indeed still retain all the master ownership of his music from the lawsuit in 2017; however, the appeal could force Martin to pay “damages” equal to the lost revenue from the masters to Spinnin’.

Representatives for Martin did not reply when reached out to for comment when the news of the appeal was first made known to Your EDM.

A further statement from Martin is expected soon.


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