Listen to Godlands’ spicy new track ‘Pleasures’

Australia-based female DJ and producer Godlands has dropped her latest track ‘Pleasures’, which  is exactly that to listen to. In releasing this track, Godlands has added to the ever growing legacy up and coming female EDM artists, who look more than set to take over the industry in the coming years.

The track itself is a filthy and eclectic mix a hard hitting yet grounded trap backbeat and a monster baseline which reverberates through your eardrums, much like it would bounce f the walls a club. The track looses a bit its roughness in the second half, which further showcases the skills Godlands and her ability to weave sounds with ease.

Suss the dates for her debut tour, named after her latest release ‘Pleasures’ on her Facebook 

I don’t know about you guys but I could definitely hear Vince Staples giving this track a red hot go, give it a listen below: