Krept & Konan team up with Slaves for new live-to-vinyl single at Abbey Road Studios

South London rap duo Krept & Konan have collaborated with Slaves to release their new single ‘Told You/The Hunter.’

The track was released as part the Masters Potential music partnership with Hennessy and Abbey Road Studios, which brings together artists from different genres to produce “one-f musical moments.”

Hattie Collins, Masters Potential panellist and author This is Grime said: “Krept & Konan are one the most exciting acts in the UK right now.”

For a long time, grime and rap weren’t allowed in institutions like The Barbican or The Southbank, so for Krept & Konan to be in Abbey Road Studios is another symbol how far things have come.”

The single has been recorded live-to-vinyl, with the session being filmed for YouTube.

Abbey Road Studios’ mastering engineer Christian Wright said: “As vinyl continues its massive resurgence in the era streaming, live-to-vinyl celebrates the format by capturing a unique and authentic moment for fans to enjoy.”

Hear the new single below or head to follow Masters Potential.