Kaskade Drops First Single Off Upcoming Redux 004 EP "Love Like That" | Your EDM

Kaskade is returning with a new Redux EP! Redux 004 will be out in full on April 4 (04.04), however, you can get your first taste of the EP with its lead single “Love Like That” featuring singer/songwriter Dani Poppitt.

“Love Like That” is a perfect addition to the Redux catalog. The song starts out with some moody piano notes accompanied by a light hi-hat repeating in the background. Dani Poppitt’s vocals have that breathy, ethereal feel that are a prerequisite on any Kaskade track. It’s one of those tracks that you get lost in dancing to the groove. Then before you know it, it’s 4 AM, and you wonder where the night’s gone. Kaskade has always said that Redux is meant to be a mood, more than anything. Mission accomplished with “Love Like That.”

“Redux started out as an intention for people to experience big sound in a small environment. It’s not an era of music but a prescription of mood. If you’re closing your eyes and your phone hasn’t crossed your mind, you’re doing it right…With Redux 004, I’ve created an EP that is designed for each city I’m playing. The music should cross boundaries. It’s not an East or West Coast sound, it’s specific to each audience. There will be four songs, there are four cities on the tour and the EP will be released in full on 04.04”

As far as creating “Love Like That,” Kaskade (Ryan Raddon) knew he wanted to hit listeners, not in the feels, but in a different way. Considering what he set out to do with the track, Kaskade truly delivered on this one. Reading this should show everyone why the veteran producer remains at the top of his game more than a decade in.

“When I was producing ‘Love Like That’ I knew it needed to be more than just another love or love-lost song. It has this piano hook that is meant to work its way into your psyche, and hopefully, people will just be humming it without even knowing what they’re referencing. Lyrically, the song has this ability to be an in or out of love gymnast. It is one of those pieces where you can’t decide if you want to break up with this song or get married to it.”

Listen to Kaskade’s latest single and the first track off of Redux 004, “Love Like That” featuring Dani Poppitt, out now on Arkade.