Justin Caruso – More Than A Stranger (feat. Cappa & Ryan Hicari)

The moody piano chords that start f “More Than A Stranger” had me hooked instantly. They quickly set the tone for a mellow build up where the vocals, courtesy Cappa and Ryan Hicari drop in. From there the song fluctuates between jazzy-introspective sections, electronic r&b grooves and dance breakdowns. Justin Caruso laid out his thoughts behind the song’s inspiration and you can definitely hear it in the music,

           “It would be that feeling when you’re out with a big group and you see that one person that catches your eye. I saw this one girl, Oli and for the rest the night, she was all I thought about and all I was focused on. I knew in that moment when I saw her that nothing else that night would matter to me and everything around me became meaningless.”