Jestamang’s Jestawomang: An Album Full of Emotions and Psychedelic Pop


Certain albums stand out for their ability to capture the essence of human experience, and Jestawomang by Jestamang, spearheaded by The Ace of Chase (Andrew Chase Everding), is one such masterpiece. This record, spanning 30 minutes, is a symphonic journey through the realms of Psychedelic Pop, offering a rich tapestry of sound and emotion. 

Jestawomang,” starts on a high note with its eponymous track, a bold statement against superficial societal norms. It’s followed by the introspective “The Lovedove,” which features a blend of romantic narratives and profound lyrics. Each song in the album, from the jubilant “Singin’ the Hallelujah” to the metaphorically rich “2 Headed Kite,” adds a unique layer to the album’s narrative, exploring themes from triumph to perseverance. 

The album also delves into playful introspection with tracks like “1 & 2 & 1,” while “Choke” and “Kiss Abyss” explore the complexities of human emotions. The Ace of Chase’s flair for blending psychedelic and pop genres is evident, creating a musical experience that is both deep and whimsical. 

As the album wraps up with tracks like “Zoo,” listeners find themselves on a metaphorical journey through life’s various stages. Jestawomang is an emotional and artistic journey, showcasing Jestamang’s unparalleled talent and marking a significant chapter in their musical odyssey. This album is an experience, resonating with the soul of every listener.

Listen to the full album below: