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Electric Hawk Records just launched its brand new imprint and first-ever In Harmony compilation album, featuring an assortment of artists including Super FutureRavenscoon, Mize and plenty more bass music delicacies.

Electric Hawk scoured for the best of the best in underground bass artists and this is the result, a deep, explorative, 11-track concept album literally years in the making. If you’re down to get, wonky, wubby, and a little weird — ok, a lot weird — this is an excellent listen.

In addition, the message behind the album is exactly what we need to hear more of in our community:

In Harmony is a metaphor we want to send out the message of what Electric Hawk stands for: Artists and Community working together through music-sharing as a flock to uplift each other’s lives through connection and sounds. Working together In Harmony, the falling Feather represents the artists and their music, who are in our Hands in order to help them accomplish their wildest dreams and endeavors, as to which The Hand represents us, the community and fans.

Both underground and groundbreaking, these are the upcoming artists and sounds destined to shape the bass music scene. Listen here via Electric Hawk Records!

In Harmony – Electric Hawk Records Debut Compilation Album

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