Icarus Go On An Ambient Journey with New Single "Meet Me There" | Your EDM

UK house duo Icarus are back with another ethereal track ready to take you on a journey. “Meet Me There” is the second single off their forthcoming EP UNFOLD. It combines elements of ambient, deep house, and progressive and creates a lush track full of multiple layers of sound. Maybe it’s the gray skies of the fall, but this track is a mood, and it makes for quite a contemplative listen. The ambient beat, combined with stellar vocals from UK singer Nathan Ball, make this one of the more interesting tracks of the year.

The track starts out with a lone ambient synth note setting the tone, the kick drum comes in as the synth keeps resonating, as does the vocals from Nathan Ball. The track is reminiscent of 80s new wave with the vocals and darker synths evoking the Cure or the Smiths to a certain degree. All throughout the background synth work gives the track a sense of depth and makes it feel big and lush. As the second verse plays out, we get some chord progressions as the track builds up to the drop/outro.

“Meet Me There” provides a good preview of what to expect from the Bristol, UK duo’s upcoming EP. Here’s what Tom and Ian Griffiths had to say about “Meet Me There” and the upcoming UNFOLD EP.

“The concept for this body of work revolves around transformation, growth and evolution of self. We currently feel we’re at a juncture in our lives both personally and in a career sense. Over the last few years, people have entered and left our lives and we’ve both been through things that have made us grow significantly as people.”

“This is our biggest and most important project to date and we feel that it not only marks the closing of a period of time but signifies a fresh, new and exciting one. These songs represent how our lives, personalities and ever-changing selves UNFOLD.”

Check out Icarus’s latest single “Meet Me There” featuring Nathan Ball out now on FFRR/Parlophone Records.