“Him” By Silver Liz Will Engulf You With Fleeting Shoegaze

Chicago-based bedroom pop duo Silver Liz (Carrie and Matt Wagner) return with Him, the first single since completing their debut album. Where their last single One and Twenty featured a gritty dreamscape, Him begins with Wagner’s wistful vocals followed by a barrage of seismographic guitars. With the existential weight and blissful nausea experienced during an unexpected love at first sight encounter, the space around you rolls and engulfs you and the course of love. So swift and fleeting like a flash of a star. Your heart stops beating but your blood is still alive. The full forceful bloom of drums crash with blood red hysteria and hits you between the eyes. You can wait a lifetime for a moment like this. For many, it never comes. Let the floods swell and savor the smoldering embers of this moment. And savor Him.

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