Grammy-Nominated Peg Luke Inspires With Heartfelt Single: “I Am Home, Lord”

Peg Luke, a renowned folk and classical music composer, has recently unveiled her latest track, “I Am Home, Lord.” Luke, who has been nominated for both Emmy and Grammy awards, drew inspiration for the song from refugees around the world and wanted to dedicate it to all the homeless and service members who are upholding freedom globally. 

Produced by Neal Merrick Blackwood, “I Am Home, Lord” features the singer-songwriter’s incredible vocal performance, accompanied by a clarinet and a string ensemble playing the piano, drums, and bass. The song emphasizes that we are truly “home” with God, no matter where we are. Luke explains that the tune captures the essence of finding love and security in challenging times. 

The song speaks to the tragedies happening in today’s world, with Peg singing, “War is all around me/ I don’t know what to do/ People killing people/ Where is the truth?” Despite the uncertainties, Luke encourages listeners to remember that they are home with God. The collaboration with Blackwood has produced magical music that only two experienced artists can create. She is thrilled to work with him again on a new Christmas project, which is set to be released in November. 

With “I Am Home, Lord,” Luke has created a stunning masterpiece that not only embodies the core of peace and love but also brings attention to the challenges faced by refugees and the homeless worldwide. Through this track, Peg’s exceptional talent as a composer shines brilliantly, further cementing her position as one of the most gifted musicians of her generation.

Listen to “I Am Home, Lord” on Spotify: