Go On a Journey with Boris Brejcha's Hypnotic New Track "Lieblingsmensch" | Your EDM

Prepare to go on a journey with Boris Brejcha. The German producer/DJ is back with an incredible new track “Lieblingsmensch.” A diverse array of electronic textures woven into a brilliant new tune that incorporates a lot of elements of old school progressive into Boris’s trademark high-tech minimal style. It’s been a huge year for the jester mask wearing producer; he’s put out a slew of releases, wrapped up a North American tour and played all over Europe, including Ibiza. This addictive new single puts the perfect bow on a big 2019 for Boris Brejcha.

“Lieblingsmensch,” which translates to “favorite human being,” will be featured on Boris’s upcoming album, Space Driver, due out next month. Driven by a pounding bassline and haunting progressive elements, “Lieblingsmensch” manages to create maximum energy while maintaining a certain brooding element to the track. While driven mostly by the beat, whenever we get little synth notes or beats of percussion they only help to make the track stand out even more, every synth note is purposeful. There’s even a little synth riff that repeats before the breakdown. I particularly like the chime notes that play intermittently and at the very end of the track. Wait until the sun goes down to play this one.

Check out Boris Brejcha’s latest track “Lieblingsmensch” out now on Ultra Music. Keep your ears open for the extended mix in Boris’s live sets.