[Exclusive Interview] Cazzette: SunSoaked 2018

Last weekend saw the complete raver takeover Long Beach with over 30,000 fans electronic music soaking up the sun and tunes on the sand. Kaskade’s second annual SunSoaked Festival proved to be a massive success (full review that HERE), and he brought with him some the best names in EDM, including Cazzette.

The Swedish act has been a staple in the scene for years now, with chart-topping tracks like “Beam Me Up” and “Sleepless”, and more recently with their collaboration with Parson James titled “Missing You”. Now we find the duo focusing on their own roles, with Sebastian Furrer sticking to the production side things and Alexander Björklund front and center touring on behalf Cazzette.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Alexander after his SunSoaked set and he opened up about the group’s new course, fan interactions and his upcoming EP, “Stereo Mono”.

Exclusive Interview] Cazzette: SunSoaked 2018
Sunsoaked 2018. Photo: Gina Joy.

Q: I had a chance to catch your set at SunSoaked this weekend, how was that?

A: It was amazing to play a set for such a big crowd containing only music from Cazzette. I also used the opportunity to try out three new songs called Friends, Loving Feeling, and Old Habits. The latter two will be on my new ep Stereo Mono out on the 17th August and Friends is coming on the 10th August in an exclusive mini mix.

Q: How did you end up on the list talented artists that helped make SunSoaked possible?

A: I was a last minute addition to the already excellent line-up which made very happy. I was going to play in LA that day anyway, so I was glad to hear about the changes in my schedule.

Q: You recently hosted a AMA (Ask Me Anything), how did that go? Any crazy fan questions?

A: I love to talk to fans and connect with them. That’s my goal with the music I write so to do it on a personal level is a pleasure as well. I don’t think any questions were out the ordinary.

Your latest track “Missing You” feat. Parson James has just been added to the Fresh Electronic Playlist on Spotify as well as the A-List Dance playlist on Apple Music. How important is it now for artists to garner support from streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music?

A: It is essential. I’m thrilled and grateful that both the above giants support my music.

Q: How did you and Parson James end up collaborating for this track?

A: The second I heard Parson’s vocal, I felt the vibe and had to seize the song. It came together quickly after that, and we both found a liking in it immediately.

Q: You’re preparing to release “Stereo Mono” next month. What kinds sounds can we expect to hear in this EP?

A: “Stereo Mono” is a new beginning for Cazzette, a new beginning for me as a solo artist. The duo that Cazzette used to be is now melting into one voice, revealing a refined direction dance music, this EP represents a new phase as I reclaim my love for house music, It was created as an homage to my early experiences Dance Music. The sound the EP has a lot house influenced vocal driven music as well as a touch disco.

Q: How has working on new music and touring it changed since you decided to tour solo?

A: It’s been going really well. Sebastian and I still work together on the songs, but he is embracing his role as a producer and me like an artist. A lot things has improved, naturally as we both are doing what makes us happy. It’s incredible what happens when you embrace who you are.

Q: Will those giant cassette helmets ever make a comeback?

A: Maybe.

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