Ever wondered what a selfie sounds like?

Ok, you probably haven’t wondered what a selfie sounds like, but someone actually has and has figured it out using ~science~ and you can see it unfold live.

Taking place on Sunday, April 22, Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University as part MLIVE, the “sound selfie” will be unveiled to a live audience by contemporary music exponent Gabriella Smart. This immersive performance will see Smart perform Erkki Veltheim’s ‘Two New Proposals’, an electro-acoustic piece that, in Smart’s own words, “uses Morse code to reflect on the connection between repetitious Morse messages at Australian colonial repeater stations and pop culture’s obsessive need to re-tweet messages across social media.”

The selfie that the piece focuses on is none other than Ellen Degeneres’ famed Oscars selfie, the most popular selfie all time that has reeled in over 2.3 million retweets since being posted back in 2014. See below.

This event will only host a maximum 150 people, seated on stage around the artist, and we’re lucky enough to have some freebies. If you’re as intrigued by this concept as I am, enter below to score one the very limited audience spots. For more information on the show, !