Dive into A-Trak’s 90-min Disco set from Coachella

Drained from a weekend that saw us full ‘Chella FOMO, stuffing our faces with pizza, laptop on stomach and watching Beyonce fierce as we always imagined she’d be and just not even attempting to hold back the tears pure happiness when she brought on the rest Destinys Child – here’s a little something for all those needing a little pick me up.

Weekend one Coachella saw Palm Spring pool parties in full swing and what better way to keep the party going than with a live recording A-trak’s groovy 90 min set to get you hyped for that ANZAC day public holiday!

Punters who made it to The Do-Over’s Sunday afternoon event were met with the fabulous A-Trak for tunes that graced with pure disco vibes and now the recordings up for us to enjoy whenever and wherever we want a lil boogie, Soundcloud. We won’t spoil it too much for you but you’ll be hearing absolute classics like Modjo’s “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” and so many hidden gems for your earbuds.

Catch the live recording below.