Daggz Makes Impressive Debut With Electrifying Single, "Free Your Mind" | Your EDM

If there’s one artist I’m really excited about, it’s Daggz. The Rochester, NY native has created quite a buzz around his talents behind the DJ decks, and for those that know him, know that he’s been teasing the idea of releasing his own music. I’ve heard bits and pieces of demos throughout this year and it has only built up my anticipation for this exciting debut, titled “Free Your Mind”.

Premiered by Lost Dogz on Soundcloud, “Free Your Mind” is a track that will leave you in a different state by the time it ends. It’s a hybrid, downtempo-fueled experimental bass sound featuring a thought provoking sample that  all together is like nothing I’ve come across before. Here’s what Daggz had to say about it:

“This first track is all about recognizing that we have so much more potential than we know. That we have the power to rise above the control and deception imposing itself all around us and that the discovery of this truth, lies within you.”

“Free Your Mind” is an impressive debut from Daggz and I’m excited for all that’s ahead for him. Stream it, add it to your playlists, and read more about his project below!

Stream “Free Your Mind”