Cyborgs Release New Single 'Out Of My Mind'

The Ukrainian EDM duo Cyborgs, has just released their newest single “Out Of My Mind.” The Cyborgs have been grinding in the studio for quite some time and had been booking live events to make a name for themselves in the scene.

With support from artists such as Tiesto, Arty, and Swanky Tunes, it seems as though they are really on the up and coming. They’re latest track Out My Mind was greeted with general appreciation from their fans and new supporters. It’s the type track you just have to get out your seat and dance to.

Featuring a beautiful vocal hook and a dirty drop, Cyborgs really hit the sweet spot with this track. A perfect blend hard and st. The track is only three minutes long, but there are many change ups and switches that give this track the illusion being much longer, in a good way. You can find the track anywhere you listen to music.

Stream “Out Of My Mind” everywhere here.