Carsn. Displays His Genre-Stretching Approach In New Album Mixed 3motions

Carsn. displays his genre-stretching approach in the latest collection of songs released through the album Mixed 3motions. Instantly recognizable and setting the artist apart from the rest of the popular music scene, this fourteen-track album seamlessly fuses southern hip-hop, pop, and alternative music. 

The rising urban artist is home to uncanny melodies and razor-sharp lyrics and includes the song ”Rip Away,” dropped as a teaser for the LP a few weeks back.  From “Rip Away” to “Come Alive,” and “Christmas Rains Occasionally”, the up-and-coming Texas-based artist does not hold back on creativity and shows the evolution he has undergone since the release of his debut track “General Gentleman.” 

“I like making all types of music and try not to confine myself to one genre. I think I got to this point by the diverse type of music I listen to,” Carsn. confessed during a Vents Magazine interview. 

With such determination and quality of sound, we can’t wait for him to continue blessing his growing audience with new music.