C.H.A.Y. Debuts On Dirtybird With Impressive Two Track EP – 'Who's That?'

C.H.A.Y. has been making a name for himself in the house and tech worlds in 2018. Dropping tasty remixes artists like Mau5trap’s ATTLAS as well as original productions f Toolroom has helped the up and comer grab the attention many. Now he has ampe things up with his first release f Dirtybird, a two-track EP called “Who’s That?”.

C.H.A.Y. – “Who’s That?”

The lead f and titutlar track the EP is a silky smooth introduction that fits perfectly with the overall sound DirtyBird. It seems that C.H.A.Y. will fit right in with the most impressive roster in tech-house.

The B-side the EP, ‘Meugitions Of Tym’ is where C.H.A.Y. really shines in my opinion. The driving beat and infectious melody will give you no choice but to start grooving. While you may not be familiar with C.H.A.Y. just yet – do yourself a favor and get acquainted with the EP below. If I had to guess, we are going to be hearing quite a bit more from him as 2018 drives into its closing half.