Alan Walker Drops The Vocally Charged New Single – 'Darkside'

Alan Walker has had a relatively sparse 2018 in terms releases. That being said when the masked producer has released a new record, it has made an impact. His inclusion on the highly renowned soundtrack to The Greatest Showman helped him chart as well as introduce a new population to electronic music. His single ‘Ignite’ has already racked up over 32 million streams on Spotify alone and introduced a new sound to Walker’s repertoire.

Now Alan has returned to the sound that helped him elevate to the superstar status he enjoys today. ‘Darkside’ is reminiscent ‘Faded’ in terms style, but Alan has clearly pulled inspiration for this tune from many unexpected places.

Overall ‘Darkside’ is a vocally charged anthem a track. A chorus voices rings out almost constantly through the infectiously catchy production. In terms records that will get stuck in your heard and refuse to leave, Alan Walker is a certified master. Check out ‘Darkside’ below and stay tuned for new information from everyone’s favorite masked Norweigan producer.